EB-5 Regional Center Boundaries

Regional Centers, per the United States Customs and Immigration Service (“USCIS”) EB-5 Immigrant Investment Program, must have a designated contiguous boundary and all projects for a Regional Center are required to be within its boundaries.  The Ozark Mountains Regional Center (“OMRC”) boundaries are initially comprised of 8 counties within the State of Missouri:  Morgan, Miller, Camden, Dallas, Green, Christian, Stone and Taney.  The boundaries were created specifically because of the economic relationships in this area.  USCIS requires that each Regional Center Applicant designate industry categories in which each Regional Center must abide by when allowing projects to participate in their Regional Center.  As such, it was apparent to OMRC that the Lake of the Ozarks, Springfield and the Branson areas should all be included in the same Regional Center.  All three are high tourism areas.

OMRC may expand its boundaries in any direction as new projects become available.

OMRC has an agreement with MAEDC (http://www.moberly-edc.com/) to expand it’s boundaries to include Randolph, Howard, Monroe, Macon, Chariton, and Cooper Counties.  Additional industry categories will be added as needed, as new projects are identified.