Jared B. Lonergan

JBLDirector, International Sales and Marketing, OMRC

Jared has served 18 years in International Sales & Marketing, Finance, and Real Estate Development. He received his Bachelors of Science Degree in International Business from the United States International University in San Diego.  He has studied numerous languages in his travels around the world, and is conversant in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and French. He is able to instantly develop relationships and rapport with people from other cultures and rapidly befriend them because of this “gift of tongues”.

Over the course of his career, Jared has led seminar training and coaching in International Business studies at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. With a background focusing on consulting in Engineering and Information Technology, he has established a unique expertise in New Product Development and Global Product Sourcing from Fortune 500 companies including Caterpillar, CNH Global, and John Deere. This experience provides our team with the exclusive ability to organize, categorize, and execute complex data management systems. Jared is able to take a mass quantity of information and creatively consolidate it into a formatted work of art. He is an expert at prospecting, marketing, generating leads, selling, and closing deals.

Jared is very active in volunteer activities around the world, serving in the US, Europe, the Middle East, India, and China. He formerly operated as a medical liaison for burn victims in Palestine seeking plastic surgery grants in the US. Most recently, Jared taught English, Physics, and Calculus to Chinese students in China who were coming to the US for college. He also volunteers with Chinese students coming to the University of Missouri, helping them acclimate to the culture of the US.

A family man, with daughter Ryan Eva and son Jackson, Jared rarely has time for hobbies other than coaching soccer and chasing them around. However, when he does have a spare moment alone, he enjoys tinkering, building, and taking on numerous challenges in his workshop.

Jared Lonergan
Job Title
Director, International Sales & Marketing
Ozark Mountains Regional Center