Cynthia M. Lonergan

CMLVice President, OMRC

Cynthia is OMRC’s “go to” executive for almost everything relating to EB-5 technical issues and compliance.  She received her Masters of Science Degree in Genetics from the University of Missouri, Columbia.  She graduated valedictorian with a Bachelors Degree in Biology from Pittsburg State University in Kansas.  She worked as a lead research technician at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago before leaving the work force to raise four sons.

She utilized her research skills in a 15-year avocation spent doing copious amounts of genealogy, particularly keeping track of research documentation, following research tips, and compiling books of family information.  She has also spent time teaching “job-search skills” seminars, helping people find employment and doing physician recruiting.  Cynthia’s organizational capability, her ability to see tasks through to completion, prioritizing tasks and strategizing implementation, and being particularly skilled at working with people from different cultures, are all assets which dovetail perfectly into the ability to keep track of the records necessary for the EB-5 program, to assist EB-5 applicants with gathering necessary data for their petitions, and compliance with the guidelines of the EB-5 program.

Cynthia is married to Tam and has four sons and 14 grandchildren, with a beautiful granddaughter on the way.